Indoor vs Outdoor Tanning – Tips and What To Know

During the summer, we all want to be tan. There is nothing better than being able to walk outside and show off your bronze skin. Once summer hits, everyone runs to the indoor tanning salons while some people decide to lie on their deck and tan with the help of the sun. With indoor tanning and outdoor tanning both options give us that bronze skin we all want, but which one is better?

Most recently, the benefits that indoor tanning provides versus the ones that outdoor tanning provides have been widely debated and discussed, mainly in the health and cosmetic industries. In the end, it is up to you to choose which one you like better. Make your decision upon which one is most convenient and which one is the healthiest for you.

If you decide to tan indoors at a tanning salon, your skin is able to tan the same way it does in the sun. Basically, your skin absorbs ultraviolet light that is let off by the sun, or by the UV lights in your local tanning salon.

One of the biggest dangers of tanning outdoors is that sometimes you can expose your skin to too much ultraviolet light. This can cause sunburn which can lead to certain types of skin cancer. When tanning outdoors, it is important to use sunscreen before lying in the sun to catch some rays. When tanning outside, you are not able to control the amount of UV rays that hit your body from the sun. Unfortunately, we cannot control the sun.

On the other hand, indoor tanning is beneficial as you are able to control the amount of UV rays that your body is exposed to while tanning. Many never have to worry about sunburn, though many tanning salons offer tanning supplies that have added sunscreen that is not as strong, but are strong enough to prevent burning.

When compared to indoor tanning, outdoor tanning is not as reliable, especially if you are looking to get the perfect summer tan. Sunburn is about the only thing you can rely on when tanning outdoors. Sunburn makes your skin very red, but your skin will eventually fade to a brown color. Unfortunately, this does nothing but make the aging process approach quicker.

Indoor tanning salons offer equipment that uses UVA rays and UVC rays, both are emitted from the sun but differ slightly. The best part about tanning salons is the fact that they are regulated by the government. Tanning indoors is nothing but a mimic of tanning outdoors.

When visiting an indoor tanning salon, the staff working at the salon are usually able to determine how much exposure your skin can tolerate. This helps to protect you against any sort of skin damage that is very common with people who decide to tan outdoors.

If you are still deciding whether to tan indoors our outdoors, pick the one that is most convenient for you. With outdoor tanning, you have to be aware of the weather, the UV index, as well as the temperature outside. Outdoor tanning has no regulations, and there are no limits to the amount of UV rays that reach your body.

With indoor tanning, you never have to worry about the weather. You also do not have to worry about your body coming into contact with an extreme amount of UV rays. Tanning beds are regulated to fit your skin type.


Weight Loss: How-to Cure It By Watching Movies Or Reading Books!

I don’t know anything about you but if you’re anything like me then you struggle with a weight loss problem. Your weight loss problem consists of you struggling to keep your weight down or struggling to make your weight go down.

Most people who see me wouldn’t believe that I have a weight loss problem, but I do. I’ve battled bulimia and constant gains and losses in weight, of ten pounds each time. That’s what I call a big weight loss problem.

A lot of women and men with the same or a similar weight loss problem would sympathize with me I’m sure. I want to look good (who doesn’t?) so that always motivates me to go on a diet.

But after sticking to a diet for a week and dropping the unwanted weight my love for good-tasting food overpowers my need to feel attractive and the weight piles back on pound by pound.

There is always exercise to help with a weight loss problem, I remind myself as I lie lazily on the couch chomping down on one of my non-diet treats. Ture!? I groan don’t feel like wearing my butt out without seeing any results for weeks at a time.?

Whenever I start a workout regimen I only stick to it for a few weeks (usually less) and then I get bored and drop it. So my weight loss problem continues.

How many other women I wondered (or men, for that matter) get bored while exercising? I thought about that for a while then I set about to find a solution to help all those poor people (and myself too, of course) with this weight loss problem.

First I asked myself: What did I like to do? What did I find Interesting?

mmmm, well? I thought I like dancing, but long periods of it are exhausting. I like to read, to listen to music, and I dislike being on my feet for over long periods.

What could combine all or most of these to make my exercising interesting and help solve my weight loss problem?

The solution to my weight loss problem was amazingly simple!

I own an old stationary bike, and I do mean OLD, but the important thing is that it operates. You can do this with any form of stationary bike, whether it’s a twenty-year-old model or an up-to-date model.

It doesn’t matter whether you own the stationary bike or use a gym or your local YMCA or YWCA facilities.

My weight loss problem solution is this:

Find something engrossing to read. It could be a novel or your favorite magazine. Or listen to music that you enjoy, you could even use audiobooks or any different CD or things you could listen to.

I suppose if your bike was somewhere around a television or computer with a DVD player, you could even watch your favorite movie.

The next step is to mount your stationary bide and start biking while reading or doing any of the above-listed activities, and not to get off for at least 45 to 60 minutes, except for an occasional rest every quarter of an hour.

I usually just keep biking away the whole time and sometimes I bike longer because I’m so engrossed in what I’m reading, and I won’t allow myself to read it once I’m off the stationary bike.

After a week of this, without change in my eating habits, or any dieting, I’m maintaining a healthy weight. Best of all I’m not putting on any new pounds, and my legs look visibly slimmer.

So I’ve kissed my weight loss problem goodbye, and I’m saying hello to slim jeans and size 6 dresses, and you can too.

For the first time in a long while, I look forward to putting on a bikini.

The 8 Most Commonly Asked Fitness Questions 2021

As a certified personal trainer part of my commitment to clients is consulting with them. This includes answering their many fitness and diet questions. Needless to say, I get asked a lot of questions. And, there are several questions that seem to be on almost everyone’s minds.

The answers to these top 8 inquiries can help most anyone get a jump start on reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. So, here are some of the top fitness questions and their answers.

I want to tone and tighten my legs (or stomach, or arms, etc). What exercises can I do to lose fat there and get them toned?

Answer: You can’t spot reduce. It is necessary for you to reduce the fat in your trouble area before you will see big results from your strength training exercises.

You must burn calories and fat through cardiovascular activities. This includes such things as walking, jogging, step aerobics, jumping rope, swimming etc.

But, while cardio is critical you should also include strength training exercises to help build muscles and tone your trouble area simultaneously.

I really want to workout and get in-shape, but I just don’t have the time. What should I do?

Answer: You are not alone. One of the top reasons people give for not working out is lack of time. The first step is to realize that it’s not that you don’t have the time, but that you are not making it a priority in your schedule.

What people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take a huge time commitment to reap the many rewards of regular exercise. Many people think that if they can’t workout several hours a week, then they might as well not workout at all.

But, exercising even just a couple of days a week is far better than not exercising at all. The key is finding a truly effective and efficient workout plan.

What is the best fitness program for losing weight?

Answer: The key to a successful program is that it is comprehensive and includes the necessary pieces. There are three major components of a good weight loss program: cardio, strength training and stretching. It’s equally important to include all three components.

For example, you could do cardio 3 times per week, strength training twice per week and stretch before and after every workout.

I have hit a plateau and can’t seem to get the scale to budge (or can’t get any stronger). Can you help me?

Answer: The key to breaking through a plateau is change. One of the best techniques for overcoming a plateau is Interval training.

This is a type of training that includes bursts of high intensity periods followed by lower intensity recovery times. You’ll also want to change your workout routine at least every 4-6 weeks.

What size weights should I train with and how many reps should I complete?

Answer: There’s no one size fits all weight size that is best. The size of weight you use depends on your goals, skills, past fitness experience, etc. A good rule of thumb is to start with about 70% maximum resistance with 8-12 reps and 1-3 sets. To determine your specific 70% maximum size, you must first determine the maximum amount of weight you can lift.

However, it’s typically not recommended that beginners attempt to lift their maximum amount of weight, for safety reasons. So, another simpler option is to choose a weight size that provides fatigue after the 8th – 12th rep is completed.

Is it bad for your body to workout some of the same muscle groups daily?

Answer: Typically you should allow your muscle to rest about 48 hours before working it again. This is the safest approach and also the most efficient approach for improving strength. It will help you increase hypertrophy more effectively.

How often should I stretch and should I stretch before or after working out?

Answer: Actually, it’s best to stretch both times. If you have the time, your body will really benefit from stretching both before you start exercising and again after your workout.

At the very least, be sure to stretch after you have completed your workout. As far as frequency, even if you don’t workout every day it is very beneficial to include a stretching routine daily.

How can I workout at home because I don’t belong to a gym?

Answer: There are many, many options for strength training and cardio workouts that don’t require a trip to the gym. If you have dumbbells, a resistance band, or an exercise stability ball, there are literally hundreds of exercises that you can do at home.

With these exercises you can increase your muscular strength, muscular endurance plus of course get a more defined look in your physical appearance. For cardio workouts you can simply walk outside or at an indoor location, stair climb, jumping jacks, etc.

How to Keeping Your Body Healthy in 2021

It is important to be fit, everyone knows that. Your physical fitness has a big impact upon how you feel about yourself, and how much effort your body has to expend in order to keep working.

Lack of physical fitness has supposedly reached an epidemic proportion in America, though the truth is that Americans are obsessed with physical fitness, and TV doctors and celebrities alike make a fortune through selling fitness videos and books to the public.

Unless you’re planning to buy all and use them as weights to lift up and down every day, none of these will ever do your physical fitness any good at all.

The best way to improve your physical fitness is by incorporating regular activity into your daily routine. It is not necessary to take out full membership of your local gym, or even attend one exercise class.

What it does mean is choosing an activity that increases your heart rate, or improves your strength and general flexibility.

Walking a few more blocks, doing some gardening or housework, climbing the stairs, are all examples of something that can fit quite easily into your routine, but which can also increase your physical fitness.

Taking the elevator, driving the car to the shop at the corner of your street, and spending more time in bed are all things that will not improve your fitness level.

A healthy lifestyle cannot be a fad, or something that you will do next year? It should be on your ho-do?list all year round, not just as a New Year Resolution that you never intend to keep.

Once you start on an exercise regime, you will need to keep that up for the rest of your life; or your physical fitness will be lost, and you will have to start all over again. Without regular exercise, the muscles reduce, and fat takes its place (muscles do not become fat, they merely move over to make more room for it if they aren’t used).

It is therefore important that you choose a regime that is going to keep you interested in the long term; every year throws up a new fitness fad? but most people take them up and then discard them after a fortnight. Instead, choose something that you enjoy.

If the thought of being instructed on stepping up and down on a plastic board fills you with scorn, then you might try something else ?martial arts are always popular, and a physical fitness regime which incorporates some kind of team sport will also help to keep you interested.

Remember: physical activity everyday is the key to fitness, and that is what is important. Improving your physical fitness can provide you with more energy, and will help you to feel more positive about yourself.

Different Types of Anxiety Disorders You Must Know

Anxiety is a common occurrence when a person faces potentially problematic or dangerous situations. It is also felt when a person perceives an external threat.

However, chronic and irrational anxiety can lead to a form of anxiety disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorder depending on their causes or triggers.

Generalized anxiety disorder

A person who has this type of anxiety disorder usually experience prolonged anxiety that is often without basis. More accurately, people with generalized anxiety disorders cannot articulate the reason behind their anxiety. This type of anxiety usually last for six months and often affect women. Due to the persistence of the anxiety, people affected with generalized anxiety disorder constantly fret and worry. This results to heart palpitations, insomnia, headaches, and dizzy spells.

Specific phobia

Unlike someone with generalized anxiety disorder, a person who has a specific phobia experiences extreme and often irrational fear of a certain situation or object. When exposed to the object or situation they fear, people with specific phobias exhibit signs of intense fear like shaking, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, and nausea. Common specific phobias include fear of heights, enclosed spaces, blood, and animals. The fear a person with phobia feels can be so extreme that he or she may disregard safety just to escape the situation.

Panic disorder

Also known as Agoraphobia, panic disorders are characterized by recurring panic attacks which are often unexpected. Symptoms are usually shaking, chest pains, dizziness, fear of losing control, and reluctance of being alone. People with panic disorder are aware that their panic is usually unfounded and illogical. This is why they avoid public situations and being alone. A panic attack can be so severe that people may lose control and hurt themselves.

Social phobia

Alternatively called social anxiety, a person with social phobia may exhibit similar symptoms like those of panic disorder especially in social situations. Shaking, dizziness, shortness of breath, and heart palpitations may ensue when a person with social phobia finds his or herself at the center of attention or in the company of many people, regardless whether they are strangers or not.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder

People with obsessive-compulsive disorder experience anxiety caused by a persistent obsession or idea. They tend to avoid experiencing anxiety by resorting to repetitive actions or behaviors that prevent anxiety. For example, a person who is obsessed about cleanliness may experience anxiety at the mere sight of a vase placed slightly off-center. To prevent anxiety, he or she will clean and organize everything compulsively or without reason.


Post-traumatic stress disorder may occur after a person experienced a severely traumatic event. He or she may relive the experience in his or her mind which causes stress and anxiety. If a person with PTSD comes into contact with stimuli (any object, person, or situation) that he or she associates with the traumatic event, he or she may literally re-experience the event by crying uncontrollably, panicking, or losing control. Subtler symptoms include insomnia and avoidant behavior. PTSD may manifest itself immediately after the traumatic event or even years after.

Determining the type of anxiety disorder a person has is crucial to seeking treatment and recovery. Techniques and methods that are used to help a person cope with a certain anxiety usually target not only the management of symptoms but coping mechanisms when exposed to triggers. Only after thorough diagnosis can treatment and recovery for anxiety disorders really commence.

Ntaifitness: 10 fitness habits for guaranteed success

Have you been working out diligently but wonder if you’re really fit? You may be carrying around a few extra pounds despite the fact you run or work out at the gym and ntaifitness lift weights machines three or four days a week. Your eating habits may be the culprit; it may be you’re not eating enough of the right foods or are eating the wrong time of day.

Evaluating your daily habits may give you insight into what you can do to make small changes that will have a huge effect on how you look and feel. Try making a list of what you eat and the time you eat during your average day, and include your typical daily activities.

If you’re skipping breakfast, you may be overcompensating by grabbing high calorie foods from Starbucks to make up for the missed meal. If you spend all day at your desk and watch TV in the evenings, you may be consuming more calories than you need. Habitual late at night eating doesn’t give your body the time to burn what you eat and prevents a good night’s sleep.

Counting calories is not the answer. Awareness of when and what you’re eating, making small adjustments and establishing the right habits can make a difference.

1. Buy and eat fresh foods

Choose whole, fresh foods such as fruits, nuts, vegetables, lean meats, grains and breads high in fiber. Skip packaged foods as much as possible, but a rule of thumb when buying processed foods, the less ingredients, the better.

2. Choose quality over price

Don’t trade quality for price when meal planning. Fresh food can cost more than packaged convenience foods, but your health is worth it. Packaged foods contain a lot of fat, sugar and salt your body doesn’t need.

3. Don’t buy foods containing the word “Diet” or “Non-fat”

Diet has been added to packaging to make you think you’ll lose weight if you eat that product. If you look at the labeling you’ll notice the real food has been removed and replaced with chemicals or ingredients you can’t even pronounce.

4. Cook more

Consider how many meals you skip, substitute with snacks or eat out. Skipping meals can cause binging on the wrong foods. Home cooked meals using fresh food contain the nutrients you need to be healthy.

5. Stop eating after 8:00 pm

You’ll be hungrier for that great breakfast in the morning and you’ll sleep better.

6. Get plenty of rest

When you’re well rested, you have more time in your schedule to eat right and keep up with your fitness schedule.

7. Take short breaks at work

Walk or stretch for a few minutes every hour or two during each work day. Not only will you feel better, but you’ll avoid tight muscles.

8. Add a new fitness activity one day a week

If you only do gym workouts, try adding a run, riding your bike or tennis to mix it up and make it interesting. If you work out alone, join a group and add a social aspect to your workout. Studies show if you work out with others, you’ll have more fun and will continue that activity longer.

9. Watch less TV

Try skipping TV one night a week. You’ll avoid all the junk food advertising, be more active and have time for friends and family.

10. Try yoga

Yoga is great for helping you relax, learn to stay calm and manage your day to day stress levels. There are many types of yoga classes that can fit anyone’s particular preference or style.

You Need To Use The Best Gym Equipment From NTAIFITNESS

Find The Best Gym Equipment From NTAIFITNESS

When you are searching for the best gym equipment, you just need to think about what works best for you. Maybe you can see yourself running on a treadmill every day but not picking up another form of exercise. If that is what you like to do, then the treadmill at the gym is what you need to use. All of the equipment is good, and the best things are those that are easy for you to use.

Try To Get Used To Exercising At The Gym

When you go to the gym or set up a gym in your home, you will want to get the exercise that you need there. You will want to develop a good routine that works for you and your abilities. You will feel yourself growing stronger when you use good equipment and exercise regularly, and you might start to enjoy lifting weights or something like that in addition to running on the treadmill.

The Best Gym Equipment Will Help You Do Great Things

When all of the equipment you use works well, it will help you accomplish a lot. You will feel your muscles growing, and you will never worry that the equipment will fail. You can use it every day and use it as intensely as you want to. Good gym equipment is needed to help you get in shape, and you will be glad that you found what you needed and started exercising in a way that is best for you.

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