Fitness/Running Trails in Long Beach, California

Long Beach, California provides its residents with several trails that are meant to help residents who seek a healthy alternative. The trails are family friendly and outline the city of Long Beach.

In some way or another they connect to the Los Angeles River, providing walkers, runners and bikers with ocean breezes as they enjoy the outdoors. All of the trails listed below have minimal elevation making it available for everyone to use.

Dominguez Gap: North Long Beach

The Dominguez gap is located in North Long Beach where it is built alongside the Los Angeles River. The gap lies between the Los Cerritos and Virginia Country Club areas.

Bird watchers come to this area because the area is home to seasonal birds. The birds are most apparent during the wetter seasons like fall and winter. The trail is 1.9 miles and the elevation is minimal. The trail is friendly for animals featuring ducks, turtles, and many animals of all sorts.

The Dominguez Gap also features rest stops from the beginning of the trail to the end where runners, bikers, and walkers can rest before moving on to their next destination.

Estuary at Willow Street: Long Beach

Estuary walking path located at Willow Street walk has an earthen feel and is reinforced with the help of boulder riprap levees. The ground is made up of dirt that was transferred there, for the construction of the trail. Essentially the trail begins where the concrete finishes, and the leaves begin.

The elevation is minimal and the path extends for 2 miles. During bird season this walk features a good view for bird watchers. The trail is ideal for runners who want to train on different terrain and walkers who want a taste of nature in their backyard.

River’s Mouth: Long Beach

The River’s Mouth trail includes the newly built Cesar Chavez Park as well as the Golden Shore Marine Reserve. The walk is near the beach and follows the Los Angeles River which allows for cool ocean breezes. In addition during bird season, this trail is an ideal location for bird watchers.

This walk also has a minimal elevation reaching 2.2 miles. There is a bike lane and walking/running lane for those who wish to satisfy all types of visitors.

River’s Mouth includes restrooms for those that walk or bike the trail. The trail serves as a healthy alternative for much of the community in and around Long Beach.

12 Days of Fitness: Healthy Holiday Desserts

Made with more whole milk than cream, the Italian dessert gelato spares the fat of most ice-creams. It’s also churned at a slower rate, which means that it’s made with less air than ice-cream. Gelato’s 4-to-6 degrees Fahrenheit is a warmer storage temperature than ice-cream’s -10 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that it’s probably futile to use ice-cream storage pans for your gelato display.

Call up Gelato Dream –“Your one-stop shop for gelato, ice-cream, yogurt and pastry”– at (954) 463-7677 and you will be prompted to push 2 for the ingredients department.

Perhaps, they’re swamped for the Christmas season (listen to the cheerful voicemail), but nevertheless, here’s what our urbanspoon customers have to say about Gelato Dream at 4007 N Federal Hwy, Wilton Manors/Oakland Park:

“Good but a little pricey. Went for a walk along Fort Lauderdale Beach and came across this place. I got the ‘chocolate aww’ and it was a very good combo of ice-cream and mixtures of chocolate items.

The only downside is that [you’re] paying for the location. 5 Bucks for a scoop and cone….a little nuts.”

“It has some awesome gelatos. I have been there many times and whenever [I’m] craving something sweet with a great view (the beach), [I] go there. It might be a little pricy but it’s worth it.”

As an alternative, try the Whole Foods market one block south of Oakland Park Boulevard at 2000 N Federal Hwy. You’ll find Talenti brand gelatos and sorbettos there: 

1) Sorbetto – Lemon Lisbon @ 110 cals

2) Gelato – Sicilian Pistachio @ 210 cals

3) Sorbetto – Roman Raspberry @ 120 cals

4) Caribbean Gelato Coconut @ 190 cals

5) Gelato – Toasted Almond @ 230 cals

 If you’ve enjoyed the “12 Days of Fitness” publication, thank you! If you haven’t, well what can we do but go on with the show. Give it a try. HEALTHY HOLIDAYS!

2 Tactics to Reach Your Fitness Goals in 2021!

Let’s keep the goals to a minimum this year. Why not have 2 basic tactics for being a fitter and healthier individual? Here are 2 Basic Tactucs to set now that the New Year has begun. Keep these two goals and you’ll feel better about yourself when that clock strikes midnight in 2020.

Tactic #1: What Motivates You? What is it that motivates you to exercise or to eat well? Is it about feeling healthy and upbeat? Do you want to feel sexy and powerful?

Do you like the feeling that you are battling the unhealthy forces of our on-the-go society? Whatever it is, set that as your main reason to be motivated to hit the gym, buy healthy foods, and stay active. Don’t let the world beat you down, beat it up!

Tactic #2: Discipline! So you know what motivates you, now be disciplined with your plan. Its easy to let other elements of life interfere with your plans. Sometimes, you have to let it happen.

But improvise if life requires you work late, find time to do exercise in the morning or evenings. If all you can do on one day is walk, then walk as far and as long as you can. It’s better to do something than nothing at all.

Everything else will fall into place as long as you stay motivated and maintain discipline throughout the year. Set these 2 tactics now and see how 2021 pans out!

Good luck!

15 Minute Workout for Women

I am going to bring the truth.

Women’s thighs have been the bane of most women’s existence. Over the years woman have tried to find the magic formula to being able to fit into the same pair of pants that did in high school. Childbirth and aging surely does not make it any easier to finding this formula.

Though flabby underarms, sagging and bulging mid sections are other areas of concerns by some of the women that I have talked with, the thunder thighs seem to rise to the top of the list.

To rid themselves of these unwanted unsightly moccasins, women have subscribed to the myth that aerobics is the key. I have spoken with many woman who that the longer that the stay on the StairMaster, the better, thinner and more glamorous they will look.

Since we know that there are three fundamental areas that need to be addressed in physical fitness (strength training, stretching AND cardio) just stepping your way to beauty will not work.

So when we apply this philosophy to toning up your legs you may start to unleash those ‘Tina Turner’ like legs that you know that you have.

In addition to cardio and flexing add these weight baring routines to sculpt that posterior into therump that you will love

  • Squat
  • Lunges
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg curls

Pushup and Pullup Workout

We always here people ask, ” How are gymnasts so strong and muscular?”

long story short: They train using difficult body-weight movements for their events. They alternate between fast movements to slower more controlled movements. By doing this you recruit more muscle. Here is a routine that can get you muscular and stronger without weights. Make sure that you follow the prescribed rep and rep speed guidelines.

Upper Body

Pushups and pullups work the entire upper body. Pushups work the chest, shoulders and triceps. Pullups work the back, biceps and forearms.

Station #1: 4 total sets

– Plyo Pushups: 1 set of 10 reps (fast tempo)

– Pullups close grips: 1 set of 10 reps (fast tempo)

Station #2: 4 total sets

– Push-ups : 1 set of 10 (slow tempo 3-3-3-3)

– Wide Pullups: 1 set of 5 (slow tempo 3-3-3-3)

Station#3: 4 total sets

– Push-ups with feet elevated on chair or try handstand: 1 set of 10 ( mod tempo 1-2-1-2)

– Chin Ups: 1 set of 5 ( mod tempo 1-2-1-2)

Station # 4: 4 total sets

– Diamond Push-ups: 1 set of 10 ( slow tempo 3-3-3-3)

– Chinups: 1 set of 5 (slow tempo 1-2-1-2)

Station#5: 4 total sets

– Push-ups: 1 set of 10 ( speed)

– Pullups: 1 set of 5-10 (speed)

Creative Ways to Exercise While Cleaning the House

As a mom, it can be very difficult to find time to get the housework done and find time to get some exercise in as well. The solution is to combine the two.

Did you know that you can actually tone your arms while you are cleaning your house? Take dusting for example, who says that you have to just spray and wipe.

In between each wipe you can do two arm lifts. Simply touch your shoulders and lift your arms above your heads two times and then finish dusting the area.

Once you re done dusting the area, you can move on to the next area. Once thing that you can expect from dusting and doing arm lifts is that your arms will get tired.

Even when sweeping and mopping the floor you can tone up your arms. After each wipe of the mom you can lift the broom off the floor and not allow it to touch the floor again for at least ten seconds.

Of course this method will take you a bit of extra time to get the floor clean but you will be getting multiple tasks accomplished at one time. You can also turn on some music while you are doing your cleaning this will help to novitiate you to keep up with your cleaning and workout routine.

Next of course you can work on toning up your legs. You can very easily do two squats inbetween dusting and after each rinse of the mop.

You will get pretty tired from mopping but your will be giving your body the workout it needs. When you are finished mopping and dusting and cleaning up your supplies move quickly.

Instead of slowly walking through the house walk quickly as if you were in a rush. By moving quicker you will be helping you body to burn extra calories. You will also be getting your tasks done quicker.

What many also don’t realize is that by doing your exercises while you are cleaning, you will make the entire exercise session a lot more enjoyable. You can pretty much make any cleaning job that has to be done in the house a lot more challenging.

Even if you have to take out the garbage instead of walking to do so, why not run to take out the garbage or jog. If you are not up to jogging or running try some speed walking.

It is important to point out that even though this is not a typical workout routine, it is important that you take the time to see a doctor and get the ok to start any type of workout routine.

The Myth of Core Stability for Low Back Pain

Nowadays, everyone into working out is talking about core exercises. Many gym classes and workout videos are focusing on this. Pilates, especially, focuses a lot on core strengthening exercises. Core exercises target the stomach muscles and strengthen them.

Because of this, it is often implied–or straight out said–that core exercises will help you get a nice, flat stomach. That’s probably a big part of why the core movement is so popular–after all, who doesn’t want a nice, flat stomach? But core exercises actually will not help you achieve this goal.

Core exercises do have benefits, of course, but flattening your stomach is not one of those benefits. If you have fat on your stomach that you’d like to get rid of, there are no spot exercises you can do to get rid of it. It’s been said before, but I’ll say it again: you just cannot lose weight in one specific spot.

If you really want a nice flat stomach, you have to lose the weight all over, through things like cardiovascular workouts and controlling your diet.

And while core exercises can be toning, rather than flattening your tummy, they will actually cause the muscles going down the center of your stomach to become raised.

After all, when you strengthen a muscle, it gets bigger. Think of someone who has a six pack—the ab muscles stick out in that case.

So if you are doing core exercises and not working on losing weight overall, the muscles you’re developing underneath the fat may be pushing the fat out further. And if you are doing core exercises as well as losing the stomach fat, the exercises will still eventually lead to a raised tummy instead of a flat one.

However, if you are going for the muscular look–like a mini-six pack–then core exercises are exactly what you want to be doing.

They are also beneficial in that core muscles help stabilize you when you are performing athletic activities. Strong core muscles can help prevent back injuries and keep the low back protected. They have also been shown to help improve posture.

So core exercises can be quite beneficial, and it’s not a bad idea to do them. But you should ignore the hype surrounding them and be aware of the truth. Don’t expect them to give you a nice, flat stomach, or help you lose your stomach fat.

Indoor vs Outdoor Tanning – Tips and What To Know

During the summer, we all want to be tan. There is nothing better than being able to walk outside and show off your bronze skin. Once summer hits, everyone runs to the indoor tanning salons while some people decide to lie on their deck and tan with the help of the sun. With indoor tanning and outdoor tanning both options give us that bronze skin we all want, but which one is better?

Most recently, the benefits that indoor tanning provides versus the ones that outdoor tanning provides have been widely debated and discussed, mainly in the health and cosmetic industries. In the end, it is up to you to choose which one you like better. Make your decision upon which one is most convenient and which one is the healthiest for you.

If you decide to tan indoors at a tanning salon, your skin is able to tan the same way it does in the sun. Basically, your skin absorbs ultraviolet light that is let off by the sun, or by the UV lights in your local tanning salon.

One of the biggest dangers of tanning outdoors is that sometimes you can expose your skin to too much ultraviolet light. This can cause sunburn which can lead to certain types of skin cancer. When tanning outdoors, it is important to use sunscreen before lying in the sun to catch some rays. When tanning outside, you are not able to control the amount of UV rays that hit your body from the sun. Unfortunately, we cannot control the sun.

On the other hand, indoor tanning is beneficial as you are able to control the amount of UV rays that your body is exposed to while tanning. Many never have to worry about sunburn, though many tanning salons offer tanning supplies that have added sunscreen that is not as strong, but are strong enough to prevent burning.

When compared to indoor tanning, outdoor tanning is not as reliable, especially if you are looking to get the perfect summer tan. Sunburn is about the only thing you can rely on when tanning outdoors. Sunburn makes your skin very red, but your skin will eventually fade to a brown color. Unfortunately, this does nothing but make the aging process approach quicker.

Indoor tanning salons offer equipment that uses UVA rays and UVC rays, both are emitted from the sun but differ slightly. The best part about tanning salons is the fact that they are regulated by the government. Tanning indoors is nothing but a mimic of tanning outdoors.

When visiting an indoor tanning salon, the staff working at the salon are usually able to determine how much exposure your skin can tolerate. This helps to protect you against any sort of skin damage that is very common with people who decide to tan outdoors.

If you are still deciding whether to tan indoors our outdoors, pick the one that is most convenient for you. With outdoor tanning, you have to be aware of the weather, the UV index, as well as the temperature outside. Outdoor tanning has no regulations, and there are no limits to the amount of UV rays that reach your body.

With indoor tanning, you never have to worry about the weather. You also do not have to worry about your body coming into contact with an extreme amount of UV rays. Tanning beds are regulated to fit your skin type.


Weight Loss: How-to Cure It By Watching Movies Or Reading Books!

I don’t know anything about you but if you’re anything like me then you struggle with a weight loss problem. Your weight loss problem consists of you struggling to keep your weight down or struggling to make your weight go down.

Most people who see me wouldn’t believe that I have a weight loss problem, but I do. I’ve battled bulimia and constant gains and losses in weight, of ten pounds each time. That’s what I call a big weight loss problem.

A lot of women and men with the same or a similar weight loss problem would sympathize with me I’m sure. I want to look good (who doesn’t?) so that always motivates me to go on a diet.

But after sticking to a diet for a week and dropping the unwanted weight my love for good-tasting food overpowers my need to feel attractive and the weight piles back on pound by pound.

There is always exercise to help with a weight loss problem, I remind myself as I lie lazily on the couch chomping down on one of my non-diet treats. Ture!? I groan don’t feel like wearing my butt out without seeing any results for weeks at a time.?

Whenever I start a workout regimen I only stick to it for a few weeks (usually less) and then I get bored and drop it. So my weight loss problem continues.

How many other women I wondered (or men, for that matter) get bored while exercising? I thought about that for a while then I set about to find a solution to help all those poor people (and myself too, of course) with this weight loss problem.

First I asked myself: What did I like to do? What did I find Interesting?

mmmm, well? I thought I like dancing, but long periods of it are exhausting. I like to read, to listen to music, and I dislike being on my feet for over long periods.

What could combine all or most of these to make my exercising interesting and help solve my weight loss problem?

The solution to my weight loss problem was amazingly simple!

I own an old stationary bike, and I do mean OLD, but the important thing is that it operates. You can do this with any form of stationary bike, whether it’s a twenty-year-old model or an up-to-date model.

It doesn’t matter whether you own the stationary bike or use a gym or your local YMCA or YWCA facilities.

My weight loss problem solution is this:

Find something engrossing to read. It could be a novel or your favorite magazine. Or listen to music that you enjoy, you could even use audiobooks or any different CD or things you could listen to.

I suppose if your bike was somewhere around a television or computer with a DVD player, you could even watch your favorite movie.

The next step is to mount your stationary bide and start biking while reading or doing any of the above-listed activities, and not to get off for at least 45 to 60 minutes, except for an occasional rest every quarter of an hour.

I usually just keep biking away the whole time and sometimes I bike longer because I’m so engrossed in what I’m reading, and I won’t allow myself to read it once I’m off the stationary bike.

After a week of this, without change in my eating habits, or any dieting, I’m maintaining a healthy weight. Best of all I’m not putting on any new pounds, and my legs look visibly slimmer.

So I’ve kissed my weight loss problem goodbye, and I’m saying hello to slim jeans and size 6 dresses, and you can too.

For the first time in a long while, I look forward to putting on a bikini.

The 8 Most Commonly Asked Fitness Questions 2021

As a certified personal trainer part of my commitment to clients is consulting with them. This includes answering their many fitness and diet questions. Needless to say, I get asked a lot of questions. And, there are several questions that seem to be on almost everyone’s minds.

The answers to these top 8 inquiries can help most anyone get a jump start on reaching their weight loss and fitness goals. So, here are some of the top fitness questions and their answers.

I want to tone and tighten my legs (or stomach, or arms, etc). What exercises can I do to lose fat there and get them toned?

Answer: You can’t spot reduce. It is necessary for you to reduce the fat in your trouble area before you will see big results from your strength training exercises.

You must burn calories and fat through cardiovascular activities. This includes such things as walking, jogging, step aerobics, jumping rope, swimming etc.

But, while cardio is critical you should also include strength training exercises to help build muscles and tone your trouble area simultaneously.

I really want to workout and get in-shape, but I just don’t have the time. What should I do?

Answer: You are not alone. One of the top reasons people give for not working out is lack of time. The first step is to realize that it’s not that you don’t have the time, but that you are not making it a priority in your schedule.

What people don’t realize is that it doesn’t take a huge time commitment to reap the many rewards of regular exercise. Many people think that if they can’t workout several hours a week, then they might as well not workout at all.

But, exercising even just a couple of days a week is far better than not exercising at all. The key is finding a truly effective and efficient workout plan.

What is the best fitness program for losing weight?

Answer: The key to a successful program is that it is comprehensive and includes the necessary pieces. There are three major components of a good weight loss program: cardio, strength training and stretching. It’s equally important to include all three components.

For example, you could do cardio 3 times per week, strength training twice per week and stretch before and after every workout.

I have hit a plateau and can’t seem to get the scale to budge (or can’t get any stronger). Can you help me?

Answer: The key to breaking through a plateau is change. One of the best techniques for overcoming a plateau is Interval training.

This is a type of training that includes bursts of high intensity periods followed by lower intensity recovery times. You’ll also want to change your workout routine at least every 4-6 weeks.

What size weights should I train with and how many reps should I complete?

Answer: There’s no one size fits all weight size that is best. The size of weight you use depends on your goals, skills, past fitness experience, etc. A good rule of thumb is to start with about 70% maximum resistance with 8-12 reps and 1-3 sets. To determine your specific 70% maximum size, you must first determine the maximum amount of weight you can lift.

However, it’s typically not recommended that beginners attempt to lift their maximum amount of weight, for safety reasons. So, another simpler option is to choose a weight size that provides fatigue after the 8th – 12th rep is completed.

Is it bad for your body to workout some of the same muscle groups daily?

Answer: Typically you should allow your muscle to rest about 48 hours before working it again. This is the safest approach and also the most efficient approach for improving strength. It will help you increase hypertrophy more effectively.

How often should I stretch and should I stretch before or after working out?

Answer: Actually, it’s best to stretch both times. If you have the time, your body will really benefit from stretching both before you start exercising and again after your workout.

At the very least, be sure to stretch after you have completed your workout. As far as frequency, even if you don’t workout every day it is very beneficial to include a stretching routine daily.

How can I workout at home because I don’t belong to a gym?

Answer: There are many, many options for strength training and cardio workouts that don’t require a trip to the gym. If you have dumbbells, a resistance band, or an exercise stability ball, there are literally hundreds of exercises that you can do at home.

With these exercises you can increase your muscular strength, muscular endurance plus of course get a more defined look in your physical appearance. For cardio workouts you can simply walk outside or at an indoor location, stair climb, jumping jacks, etc.